Volunteering in Germany

weltwärts Süd-Nord-Freiwilligendienst

The Indo-German Cooperation (DIZ) offers opportunities to young Indians to join as volunteers in the framework of the weltwärts South-North voluntary service, a programme  organised by the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Young Indians between 18 and 28 years (in very exceptional cases beyond this age) are invited to join this developmental voluntary service to gain experiences and skills in a new cultural and work environment.

If you like to apply for a South-North voluntary service in Germany, we kindly request you to submit an application form duly signed and titled. Additionnally, we need your CV and your motivation letter – please let us know why you want to do a voluntary service and why it should take place in Germany.

You can choose amongst various fields of acitivities:

  • inclusive child education in a kindergarden
  • educational work in a youth centre
  • supporting the work of a parish
  • assisting in a museum for sustainable arts
  • supporting developmental work in an NGO
  • assisting in research and documentation.

The costs for the voluntary service – including flight, boarding and lodging, visa, pocket money, accompanying seminars and social security in Germany –  are financed up to 75 % by the Ministry. 25 % are borne by DIZ. We would be grateful to you, if you could also contribute towards the entire costs.

For further information on the places of assignment, please contact the DIZ-office via email: sommer [at] diz-ev.de.