Volunteering in Germany

weltwärts Süd-Nord-Freiwilligendienst

Due to the current danger situation caused by the COVID-19 virus there are currently no entries into Germany!

The next entries can probably take place again from August 2020. You may apply for the corresponding voluntary services likely starting in September!

We continue to organize interviews via Skype or similar and will contact all applicants in this regard!

Since DIZ employees currently work from their home office, please contact us by e-mail if you have any questions (weltwaerts@diz-ev.de).

The voluntary service should not be a one-way affair. Thus, the Indo-German Cooperation offers opportunities to young Indians to join as volunteers service in the weltwärts South-North Volunteering Service which is co-sponsored by the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Young Indians between 18 and 28 years (in very exceptional cases beyond this age) are invited to join this developmental volunteer service to gain experiences and skills in a new cultural and work environment.

For a first glance at our South-North Volunteering Programme, kindly view our Flyer South-North Volunteering.

If you like to apply for a South-North Volunteering Service in Germany, either in our head-office in Frankfurt or with one of our partners in Germany, we kindly request you to submit an application form duly signed and titled: South-North Application Form. Additionnally, we need your CV and your motivation letter – please let us know why you want to do a voluntary service and why it should take place in Germany.

You can choose amongst various fields of acitivity:

  • inclusive child education
  • supporting the work of a parish
  • supporting the DIZ in its everyday work in the field of developmental education for the German public, preparing German Volunteers intending to go to India and support in promoting projects in India
  • assisting in the educational work of a German Secondary School
  • assisting in social and occupational therapy
  • assisting in research and documentation.

The Volunteer Service in Germany is free of cost and includes the cost of travel, boarding and lodging, pocket money, costs of accompanying seminars and social security costs in Germany. We would be grateful to you, if you could also contribute whatever you can towards the entire costs, since the German Government bears only around 75 % of the costs and help us in raising the entire amount required.

Voluntary Service Posts in Germany

  • Assisting in Kindergarden in Frankfurt am Main
  • Assisting in DIZ-office in Frankfurt am Main
  • Assisting in Department of Ecumenism and Global Responsibiliy, Evangelical Church of Dortmund
  • Assisting in various churches and congregations throughout Germany

For further information on these voluntary service posts please contact the DIZ-office via email: sommer [at] diz-ev.de.


Damit der Freiwilligendienst nicht zur Einbahnstraße wird, möchten wir auch jungen Menschen aus Indien die Chance bieten, für einen entwicklungspolitischen Freiwilligendienst nach Deutschland zu kommen.

Junge Inderinnen und Inder sollen unabhängig von Status, Geschlecht und Religion die Möglichkeit erhalten, sich in Deutschland entwicklungspolitisch zu engagieren und Erfahrungen in einem für sie neuen kulturellen und arbeitspraktischen Umfeld zu sammeln.

Durch die sogenannte Süd-Nord-Komponente des weltwärts-Programms wird ein gleichberechtigter Austausch unterstützt und gefördert. Der Dienst in Deutschland ist für die teilnehmenden Freiwilligen kostenlos. Reisekosten sowie Kosten für Unterkunft, Verpflegung und Sozialversicherung werden übernommen.