Virtual Talk: Adivasi Lives Matter

Virtual Talk: Adivasi Lives Matter

4. Oktober 2021 um 18:00 – 19:30
Online via Zoom
Resource Person: Ashish Birulee

(c) Ashish Birulee

Our event series on the topic “Discrimination against marginalized people” goes on with a Virtual Talkby Ashish Birulee from the Indian organisation Adivasi Lives Matter.

He will talk about the different types of discrimination Adivasis, the indigenous population in India, are facing, what Adivasi Lives Matter is doing and why it was necessary to establish such an organisation. After the input by Ashish Birulee we would like to get into a fruitful open discussion about this topic.

The talk will take place as an online event in English and participation is free.

Registration is necessary in advance: Therefore register right now and mark it in your calendar!


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